Schools & Settings

If your school, preschool or educational setting is interested in having a session of yoga for your children then I can bring Sunflowers Yoga to you.

Within a class, up to 30 minutes for  preschoolers and KS1 and 30-45 minutes for KS2, children will experience breathing, concentration, focus, postures, strength, balance, stretching and relaxation through age appropriate activities. Classes run with a visual timetable of activities and games with a structure that children soon become familiar with. A typical session will focus on attention, listening, a child-friendly Sun Salutation flow, games through which children are introduced to yoga postures in an accessible way, quietening practice, relaxation and appreciation. Stories and songs are also a successful addition with the younger children.

I will provide mats and a fun filled session – all you need to do is provide the children and the space!

Please contact me for more information on costs and availability.