Privacy Policy

Data Protection Policy

Name and contact details of organisation:
Viv Morley     Yoga with Viv ~ Sunflowers Yoga 
Data controlled and processed by Viv Morley

Purposes of data processing:
Yoga with Viv – Personal data is held on adult students for the purpose of contacting them with information that I deem fit to be of interest to them principally regarding new classes, events, cancellations.

Sunflowers Yoga – Personal data is held on the children and their parent/guardian for the purpose of contacting the adult in the case of class changes, cancellations, new classes and emergencies when the children are left without the adult present.

Data is used in a reasonable way for contact when necessary and all data has been voluntarily provided by students or their responsible adult.

Personal data held on both adult and child students is held in paper form and includes:

  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • email
  • date of birth
  • relevant medical information
  • emergency contact details

Personal data will not be passed on to any third party – except in a medical emergency.

Data will be stored for two years following last point of contact with the student.

All paperwork is secured securely and can be accessed by the provider at any time. Any individual is entitled to request their information to amend data or ask for it to be removed from my records.

Viv Morley

23 May 2018